Rotary chucks operate the same as the rectangular chucks and are of the same construction with poles running off the edge. Top plates on all models are of magnetic steel and nonmagnetic stainless furnace brazed construction. Ideally rotating spindles. To withstand the high torque of used on lathes, grinders and other machinery with heavy lathe cuts, dowel pins or screws may be inserted in the top plate. Chuck top plates may be machined for work with odd configurations or an auxiliary plate may be added and removed for other work, leaving the original plate intact.

Rotary Permanent Magnetic Chucks

The ST series is not water-tight and should not be used with coolant. Handles are removable.

Ordering Information

High Power Standard Pole Magnet Chucks

ModelDimensions# of HolesPole SpacingWeight in lbs
*ST 2-1/2 R2-5/82-9/161-7/821/4-20 x 3/81-5/821/81-1/2
*ST 4-1/8 R4-3/164-1/82-3/163-3/41/4-20 x 3/8331/45
*ST 5-1/4 R5-3/85-1/41-15/164-3/41/4-20 x 3/8443/87-1/2
SP 6 R6-5/166-3/162-13/164-1/23/8-16 x 3/83-3/443/815
SP 8 R8-1/882-13/164-1/23/8-16 x 3/83-3/443/827
SP 10 R10-1/4103-3/483/8-16 x 5/86-3/443/849
SP 12 R12-1/812383/8-16 x 1/2743/863
SP 16 R16-1/8163-1/2123/8-16 x 1/2843/8140
SP 20 R20-1/4203-5/8163/8-13 x 1/21043/8205

High Power Fine Pole Magnet Chucks

ModelDimensions# of HolesPole SpacingWeight in lbs
FP 6 RD6-5/166-3/1634-1/23/8-16 x 3/83-3/441/816
FP 8 RD8-1/8834-1/23/8-16 x 3/83-3/441/825
FP 10 RD10-1/4103-3/483/8-16 x 5/86-3/441/849
FP 12 RD12-1/812383/8-16 x 3/8741/863
Rotary Permanent Magnetic Chucks

Laminated Parallels

  1. Furnace Brazed – will not come apart when machined sawed or formed.
  2. Laminations – 1/16″ iron – 1/16″ stainless steel for high magnetic permeability.
  3. Hold Odd shapes and sizes for grinding or inspection
Laminated Parallels

These accessories increase the versatility of your magnetic chucking equipment. They extend chuck’s magnetic holding power above working surface. Auxiliary plates made to match pole dimensions of present chuck with horizontal or vertical poles.

Ordering Information

Parallel Bars

Height (inches)Width (inches)Length (inches)

V Blocks

Height (inches)Width (inches)Length (inches)
1 7/83 1/23 1/2
2 1/466