Typical Applications

  • Eye horizontal steel coil lifting
  • Bundles of bar stock and re-bar
  • Bundles of tubing and pipe


  • Concentrated magnetic field
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Use individually or in multiples
  • Replaceable pole shoes
2 VC Bipolar Electromagnets

Engineered Systems

These Heavy Duty, Mill Style, Bipolar Electromagnets can be used individually or in multiples on a spreader beam. Contact our engineering department with your application. We design and build complete systems including power supplies, controllers and battery back-up systems.

2 VC Bipolar Electromagnets
Ordering Information

2 VC Bipolar Electromagnets

2VC181818101215,0002301500600 lbs
2VC212121121420,0002302000900 lbs
2VC23232313.51524,00023030001200 lbs
2VC303030151834,00023050002800 lbs
2VC38383819.52560,00023070004500 lbs
2VC43434323.52985,000230130005500 lbs

* Derate listed capacity by minimum 2:1 safety factor