There is never a power failure with Magnetool permanent magnet lifts. Because Permanent magnets supply the lifting force, they are always ready to go to work. Never any loss of power. Never need remagnetizing. Not dependent upon outside power source.

This safe, permanent magnetic lifting device is lightweight per pound of lifting capacity. Easily portable for use indoors or outdoors. Perfected to handle smooth-surfaced, heavy, solid ferrous blocks.

Safe practice in use of magnetic lifts dictates that maximum working load be no more than half the test load. These magnets have been load tested at twice the safe working load shown in table.

The M-2000 has a strong aluminum housing one inch thick on all four sides.

Ordering Information

Permanent Magnetic Lifts Standards

ModelDimensions in InchesWorking Load lbs.Shipping Weight lbs.
Overall LengthHeightOverall Width
M-2000 Permanent Magnetic Lift
M-2000 Permanent Magnetic Lift
M-1000 Permanent Magnetic Lift