“MHE” Material Handling Electromagnets can be used to handle medium gauge sheet metal and plate. In conjuction with a variable power rectifier-controller, these electromagnets can be used to lift one sheet at a time off a stack or one layer of parts at a time out of a container.

The 3 pole design provides a large surface area and holding power over the entire length of the magnet. This makes “MHE” electromagnet a perfect choice for handling layers of parts such as rods or bars in a stacking or de-stacking application.

“MHE” electromagnets can be used in multiples on a spreader beam for handling large plates or individually to handle smaller sized material.

MHE Material Handling Magnets

Standard voltage is 110 VDC (220 VDC optional). Can be used with “AU” Series (automation capable), or “MA” – “MR” Series (manual operation) rectifier-controllers.

“MHE” electromagnets are of a heavy-duty construction and are provided with mounting holes, wiring box, replaceable “Pole Shoes”, & stainless steel coil covers.

Ordering Information

"MHE" Material Handling Magnets

MHE-425-1212"4-1/4"1/2"3/8-161800 lbs7128 lbs
MHE-425-1616"4-1/4"1/2"3/8-162300 lbs9737 lbs
MHE-425-2424"4-1/4"1/2"3/8-163700 lbs14256 lbs
MHE-425-2828"4-1/4"1/2"3/8-163900 lbs17465 lbs
MHE-425-3232"4-1/4"1/2"3/8-164650 lbs19474 lbs
MHE-450-3636"4-1/4"3/4"1/2-135500 lbs21290 lbs
MHE-450-4242"4-1/4"3/4"1/2-135700 lbs261105 lbs
MHE-450-4848"4-1/4"3/4"1/2-137300 lbs283120 lbs
MHE-450-5656"4-1/4"3/4"1/2-137600 lbs348140 lbs
MHE-450-6060"4-1/4"3/4"1/2-139100 lbs353150 lbs

Standard Voltage is 110 VDC (220 VDC optional)

*Capacity ratings shown include 2:1 safety factor. Ratings based on 3/4″ flat, clean, low carbon steel. Lighter gauge materials must be de-rated.