Special High Volume Coolant Filter featuring a 12 in. dia. by 36 in. wide magnetic drum with a screw conveyor to remove the collected swarf to a skid box. Designed for use in a centralized coolant system.

Having clean coolant is cost effective.

Not only does it allow uniform part finish, but you can expect longer life from tools and grinding wheels, reduced pump and machine wear, lower coolant replacement costs, and less down time.

Special Magnetic Coolant Filters
Special Magnetic Coolant Filters
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Special Magnetic Coolant Filters

CSO/CSID-18060 GPM26-1/230-3/4190 lbs
CSO/CSID-24080 GPM34-1/239-3/4380 lbs
CSO/CSID-300100 GPM42-1/247-1/2475 lbs

CSO Series for oil based coolants
CSID Series for water based coolants

Listed are the most popular sizes. For special applications, consult the factory.

CSO 90 Coolant Filter
CSO 90 Coolant Filter with powered squeegee for oil coolant.
CSID 180 Special Coolant Filter
CSID 180 Special Coolant Filter
CSID 30 Coolant Filter
CSID 30 Coolant Filter with tank and pump for O.E.M. application.
Special Magnetic Coolant Filters