PEMR PermElec Momentary Release Holding Magnets


  • Permanent magnets are always in the hold condition without using electricity.
  • Electromagnet is energized with D.C. voltage “momentarily” to release the magnet.
  • Apply voltage to release the magnet. Remove voltage and the magnet returns to hold condition.
  • Standard Release Voltage is 24 VDC (Momentary release time = 0.5 to 2 seconds)
Ordering Information

PEMR PermElec Momentary Release Holding Magnets

Part #ABHeightThreadMtg.Lead LocationWattsPounds Pull
CD x DepthD"E" x "F"
PEMR-0753/4"dia.1"#8-32 x 3/16central1/2"1112
PEMR-1251-1/4"dia.1-1/4"#10-32 x 1/4central5/8"1950
PEMR-2002"dia.1-3/4"#1/4-20 x 3/8central1-3/16"25125
PEMR-3003"dia.1-7/8"(2) 1/4-20 x 3/8"7/8"1-3/8"40250
PEMR-150x2501-1/2"2-1/2"1-1/4"(2) #10-32 x 1/41".81 x .88*46200
PEMR-325x4253-1/4"4-1/4"1.88"(3) 1/4-20 x 5/16"(2) 1"1.25"x.63'77550
PEMR-400x6004"6"2"(5) 1/4-20 x 5/16"(4) 1"1.38"x.81"701100

For rectangular magnets: Dimension “F” = cord – Dimension “F*” = two individual lead wires.

Pull Strength is Determined By:

Pull is tested on a flat steel plate 1/2″ thick. If your steel is thinner, coated or the surface is rough or rusty, the pull may vary. We recommend that you obtain a sample for testing first!

Typical Uses for Assemblies:

  • “Always On” holding magnets
  • Escapement devices
  • Safety doors and locks
  • Fail safe holding applications
  • Remote and inaccessible locations
Permanent Magnets

Permalec Lift Magnets

The #PECR Series Permalec Lift Magnet is a permanent magnet utilizing a mounted electrical control to energize and de-energize the magnet. In the event of a power failure, the magnet will remain in the mode it was in when the power failed. If the magnet was “on” when the power failed, the magnet will remain “on”. If the magnet was “off” when the power failed, it will remain “off”.

Permalec Lift Magnet is designed to handle steel block, burn-outs, and other non-flexible ferrous parts with a smooth contiguous lifting surface.

All PECR units are 120 VAC input and are provided with a 9 foot input cord with molded 3-wire plug.


  • “Vee” pole shoes. Allows lifting flat and round stock up to 8″ diameter (PECR-1000 & 3000 only)
  • Remote control with 10 foot cord
  • May be combined, utilizing a common controller, to handle larger sized parts. Consult factory for details.
Permanent Magnets

Permalec Lift Magnets

ModelWidthLengthHeightHook HeightRated Lift120 VAC AmpsWeight
PECR-10005"7-3/4"8-3/4"15-1/4"1000 lbs2.873 lbs
PECR-200010"7-3/4"9-1/2"16"2000 lbs5.5157 lbs
PECR-30005"23-1/4"10"16-1/2"3000 lbs8.2248 lbs
PECR-400010"15-1/2"9-1/2"16"4000 lbs10.9308 lbs