The SD Series automatic controls with 8-pulse release cycle are used when greater chuck demagnetization is required and for those chucks with high wattage ratings. The main enclosure can be located at the rear of the machine or wall mounted. The chuck is operated from a small remote control unit (4-1/2″ x 6-1/2″x 4″) located at the front of the machine which includes the “ON-OFF” control switch, red and green indicating lamps and the variable power control. The green lamp indicates the chuck is ready to accept or remove the part. The red lamp indicates the chuck is magnetized. When the control switch is turned off, the red lamp diminishes in intensity until it goes out leaving only the green lamp on. The operator can then remove the part with ease. The variable power control provides 0 to 100% power.

SD Series Automatic Control
SD Series Automatic Control

The NT and MR Series can also be used to operate smaller electromagnetic chucks where a single pulse release cycle is adequate.

Ordering Information

110 VDC or 230 VDC Output - 240/480 VAC Input

Model #'sWattsSize in Inches
SD-110-300VPSD-230-300VP30016 x 20 x 7
SD-110-500VPSD-230-500VP50016 x 20 x 7
SD-110-750VPSD-230-750VP75016 x 20 x 7
SD-110-1000VPSD-230-1000VP100016 x 20 x 9
SD-110-2000VPSD-230-2000VP200020 x 24 x 11
SD-110-3000VPSD-230-3000VP300020 x 24 x 11

The CC Series is a self contained Electromagnetic Chuck Control for use with 110 VDC chucks up to 500 Watts. It features an eight pulse release cycle, indicating lamps, variable output power, residual hold-feature, 6 foot input cord with plug, 3 foot stub output cord and a provision for spindle interlock. Enclosure size: 8 inches x 10 inches x 6-1/2 inches deep.

Electromagnetic Chuck Controls
Chuck Controls

Electromagnetic Chuck Controls

Model #InputOutputWatts
CC-110-300VP120 VAC110 VDC300
CC-110-500VP120 VAC110 VDC500