These stainless steel tubular Multilifts are best suited for steel-from-steel pickup. Used generally for cleaning chips or parts from steel surfaces. Ideal for removing chips from large blind holes, burrowing in loose materials, sawdust, tumbling stones, etc., to recover steel parts. Also used for removing parts from carburizing materials. Neoprene bumper rings prevent magnet from grabbing metal sides. Permanent magnet powered, with stainless-steel-tipped magnetic pole at end. 1-1/8″ diameter.

Model 4

Low cost tubular lift. Unloaded by manually sliding parts to unloading spot. 22 inches long with antiroll hand grip on one end.

Multilift Tubular Hand Magnets

Model 6

For faster and easier unloading. Simply hold tube and pull release rod. Spring returns magnet to pickup position. Preferred wherever sliding load off manually is objectionable. 24″ tube, easy to hang up, won’t roll.

Model 7

The 2-5/8″ neoprene hand guard makes this model valuable when handling loads that are hot, very cold, heavily oiled, dirty, sharply pointed, or slivered. Capacity – 2 lbs of parts. Simply pull release rod to unload. Spring return. Note: 2-5/8″ hand guard does not permit tool to enter small openings.