Grid Pole Chucks are for general purpose use on medium or large grinders. These electromagnetic chucks utilize rectangular pole pieces of one polarity with the matrix being the opposite polarity. This provides evenly distributed magnetic holding over the entire surface of the chuck.

Grid style chucks are designed to hold workpieces that are large enough to span more than 1 pole piece and can be used for light milling applications.

  • All chucks are wired for 110/220 VDC dual voltage input
  • All chucks utilize watertight construction
Grid Pole Electromagnetic Chucks
Grid Pole Electromagnetic Chucks
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NOTE: To order, specify model # & pole style (ex: ECG1236-G)
All dimensions are in inches.

Grid Pole Electromagnetic Chucks Specifications

ECG1015G or EG1041015517
ECG1024G or EG1651024526
ECG1030G or EG2061030532
ECG1048G or EG3301048550
ECG1060G or EG4131060562
ECG1224G or EG1981224526
ECG1230G or EG2481230532
ECG1236G or EG2971236538
ECG1240G or EG3401240542
ECG1248G or EG3961248550
ECG1260G or EG4951260562
ECG1424G or EG2311424526
ECG1436G or EG3471436538
ECG1448G or EG4621448550
ECG1460G or EG5851460562
ECG1624G or EG26416245-1/426
ECG1636G or EG39616365-1/438
ECG1648G or EG53516485-1/450
ECG1660G or EG66016605-1/462
ECG1824G or EG29718245-1/426
ECG1836G or EG44618365-1/438
ECG1848G or EG59418485-1/450
ECG1860G or EG74318605-1/462
ECG2024H or EH33520245-1/426
ECG2036H or EH49520365-1/438
ECG2048H or EH66020485-1/450
ECG2060H or EH82520605-1/462
ECG2436H or EH59424365-1/438
ECG2448H or EH79224485-1/450
ECG2460H or EH99024605-1/462
ECG3036H or EH74330365-1/238
ECG3048H or EH99030485-1/250
ECG3060H or EH123830605-1/262
ECG3636H or EH89136365-1/238
ECG3648H or EH120036485-1/250
ECG3660H or EH149836605-1/262
ECG4248H or EH159842485-3/450
ECG4260H or EH173342605-3/462
ECG4848H or EH150048485-3/450
ECG4860H or EH198048605-3/462

NOTE: 60″ is the maximum chuck length. For larger sizes use combinations of the listed sizes.