AU (Automatic Release) Rectifier Controller Series

AU Series Rectifier Controllers, with solid state circuitry, provide the rapid cycling and quick, clean release necessary for high speed automated magnetic equipment. Ideal for robotics or “pick and place” applications. D.C. magnet control is accomplished by means of an A.C. input signal or pilot switch. The pilot switch or signal source can be a considerable distance from the rectifier without introducing a voltage drop in the magnet circuit. A SPST switch, limit switch, or PLC output can be used to operate the rectifier. When a manual switch is used, operator judgment is not required to “Time Out” the release cycle because the cycle is completely automatic. An adjustable, timed pulse of reverse current to the magnet effectively releases the load.

Automatic Release Rectifier Controller
Automatic Release Rectifier Controller

Enclosures are J.l.C., oil-tight and non-ventilated.

Ordering Information

12 VDC Output - 120/240 VAC Input

(24 VDC Output Optional)
ModelWattsSize in Inches
AU-12-15158 x 10 x 4
AU-12-505010 x 12 x 5
AU-12-10010010 x 12 x 5

110 VDC Ouput - 240/480 VAC Input

ModelWattsSize in Inches
AU-110-505010 x 12 x 5
AU-110-10010010 x 12 x 5
AU-110-20020010 x 12 x 5
AU-110-30030016 x 20 x 7
AU-110-50050016 x 20 x 7
AU-110-75075016 x 20 x 7
AU-110-1000100016 x 20 x 7
AU-110-2000200020 x 24 x 9
AU-110-3000300024 x 24 x 11