Round Lifting Electromagnets are intended to lift solid, compact material such as billets, steel plate, bars, forgings, etc. Standard units are not intended for handling scrap or small parts. Can be used individually or in multiples on a spreader bar. Consult factory for these applications.

Rectifier controllers can be mounted on magnets #EM-6 thru #EM-20. A remote control switch with 6′-0″ cord is optional on all units with rectifiers.

Lifting capacities shown are for low carbon steel at magnetic saturation with a surface finish equivalent to cold rolled steel. All ratings include a 2:1 safety factor. Do not exceed rated capacity.

Round Lifting Magnets
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Round Lifting Magnets

ModelVolts D.C.WattsLifting CapacityA (inches)B (inches)C (inches)Net Weight lbs
EM-6110851000 lbs36625
EM-81101302000 lbs4-1/887-3/848
EM-101101703000 lbs4-3/8108-3/886
EM-121102004500 lbs5-1/4129-1/4146
EM-161103108000 lbs6-3/41612-3/4360
EM-2011057012,000 lbs7-1/22014540