Many Uses Never Need Remagnetizing

Multiple-pole magnetic blocks have unlimited uses. Blocks have mounting holes* for attaching to surfaces where magnetic holding devices are needed. Blocks may also be drilled and tapped for fastening to spotlights, shop worklights, service lights, nozzles, indicators, etc. Simple cam or jack-screw release can be supplied.

  • Hole Sizes for “B” Blocks
  • B75: (2) holes drilled and counterbored for #8 SHCS
  • B125 & B175: (2) holes drilled and counterbored for #10 SHCS
  • B450: (1) 1/2-13 tapped hole in center of back
  • B1047: (1) 3/8-16 tapped hole in center
Magnetic Blocks
Ordering Information

Magnetic Blocks

Part #HeightWidthLengthHole C.D.Holding Power
B751-3/16"1-5/16"2-7/16"2"75 lbs
B1251-1/4"1-1/2"3-3/8"2-7/8"125 lbs
B1751-3/16"2-1/16"3-9/16"3"175 lbs
B4501-3/4"2-7/8"4-1/4"**450 lbs
B10471-1/2"2-1/2 dia.--125 lbs

** Holes may be drilled 5/8″ deep on back face