The extended, parallel pole design creates a greater “reach-out” of the magnetic field than a “flat-faced” style electromagnet and allows both the north and south poles of the bi-polar electromagnet to make contact with a workpiece that may be curved or have an irregular surface.

Large Bi-Polar Electromagnets can be used to handle bundles of steel or pipe, die blocks, castings, forgings, etc. Multiple Bi-Polars can be placed in tandem on a spreader bar to handle long sections of round bar, pipe, or structural shapes.

Custom, replaceable, pole shoes are available for special handling applications.

Large Bipolar Electromagnets
Ordering Information

Large Bi-Polar Electromagnets

BP-400-1HC6-1/2"8-1/2"9-3/4"17-1/4"2800 lbs135135 lbs
BP-400-2HC6-1/2"17"9"16-1/2"5500 lbs260200 lbs
BP-400-3HC6-1/2"23-3/4"9"16-1/2"7800 lbs300300 lbs
BP-1200-1HC12-1/4"15-1/"13"20-1/8"8300 lbs440470 lbs
BP-1200-2HC12-1/4"28"13"20-1/8"15,250 lbs930550 lbs
BP-1200-3HC12-1/4"42"13"20-1/8"23,000 lbs17001070 lbs
Large Bipolar Electromagnets