Demagnetizers are used in a wide range of manufacturing-related processes, for removing residual magnetism from steel parts prior to the next operation.  re. At Magnetool, Inc., we offer high-quality demagnetizer solutions to fulfill our client’s requirements in their different operations. Often used to reduce magnetism prior to welding, machining, cleaning, or shipping finished parts.

What is a Demagnetizer Tool?

Demagnetization equipment or degausser is designed to reduce a residual magnetic field on a tool or part. It utilizes a 50/60 Hz alternating AC electromagnetic field to demagnetize steel parts.

How Do Demagnetizers Work?

A material becomes magnetized when the molecular domains become aligned. Demagnetizers work by scrambling the domains in random directions. This is achieved by moving a part at a steady pace from zero to maximum to zero field strength of the demagnetizer. This is accomplished by moving the part into the strongest central point of the demagnetizer field and then moving the part out of the field. This can be done by hand, by sliding down a chute, a conveyor, robotically, etc.

Typical speed for moving parts through the field is 20 to 60 FPM. Parts will respond best when passed singly or as a single layer through the demagnetization equipment.

Contact Magnetool engineering department with drawings, photos, etc, and a description of the handling method. We can solve the toughest of your magnetization problems.

Notes: Parts respond best when moved continuously through the field, there is no benefit to “soaking” in the field. Leaving a magnetic steel part or fixturing stationary in the field will cause induction heating of the steel. Never turn the demagnetizer off while parts are still in the field.

Types of Demagnetizer Tools We Offer

The following demagnetizers we have can demagnetize metal effectively. Choose from the following:

Loop Type Demagnetizers

An ideal demagnetizer for tool rooms or production shops, the loop-type demagnetizer can ensure continuous operations with little to no maintenance. 

The parts or tools must pass through the opening and out of the magnetic field to use the loop-type demagnetizer. Nonmagnetic chutes are employed to slide the pieces through the opening for production parts.

Heavy gage stainless steel cases.  Available with round openings up to 8” diameter and rectangular openings up to 18” x 36”.

Standard units are similar to an IP40 construction.  Custom sizes, shapes, and construction up to IP65 are available.  Contact us for a quote.

Surface Type Demagnetizers

Also known as a plate demagnetizer, surface type demagnetizers can be used to demagnetize parts or plates. It’s commonly used manually or under conveyor belts and chutes to demagnetize parts one layer thick.  The part should be passed over the core area for best effect.

These have heavy gage formed steel cases with a non-magnetic wear surface top plate. Standard units are similar to an IP40 construction.  Custom sizes, shapes, and construction up to IP65 are available.  Contact us for a quote.

Low Frequency Demagnetization Equipment

Low Frequency demagnetizers are systems used for bundles of steel and other difficult to demagnetize parts. Built to order systems are available. Contact our engineering department for a quote.

Choose Magnetool, Inc. for High-Performance Demagnetizers

Demagnetizers are essential in numerous industrial processes and applications. A high-quality demagnetizer tool can increase efficiency, reduce production time, and improve product quality. All sizes are available in 100% continuous duty cycle operation.

Magnetool also offers equipment to measure the residual magnetism before and after the demagnetizing process.   Gauss meters and field indicators are available.  Contact us for details.

Contact us today to learn more about our magnetic products and tools. You may also request a quote so that we can provide a cost-effective solution to your numerous projects.