electrically operated permament magnets Electrically Operated Permanent Magnets
PEMR PermElec Momentary Release Holding Magnets
small flat-faced magnets Small Flat-Faced Magnets
Round and Rectangular Flat-Faced Electromagnets are available in a variety of sizes. Commonly used in manually operated or automated applications
small bipolar electromagnets Small Bipolar Electromagnets
Bi-polar Electromagnets are available in various shapes and sizes for a variety of applications and are commonly used when a greater "reach-out" is needed than what a flat-faced electromagnet can provide.
large bipolar electromagnets Large Bipolar Electromagnets
The extended, parallel pole design creates a greater "reach-out" of the magnetic field than a "flat-faced" style electromagnet and allows both the north and south poles of the bi-polar electromagnet to make contact with a workpiece that may be curved or have an irregular surface.
120 vac electromagnets 120 VAC Electromagnets
Round, rectangular, and bi-polar electromagnets are available in various shapes and sizes for a variety of applications.
2 vc bipolar electromagnets 2 VC Bipolar Electromagnets
These Heavy Duty, Mill Style, Bipolar Electromagnets can be used individually or in multiples on a spreader beam.
low profile electromagnets Low Profile Electromagnets
The EMP series electromagnets feature a low profile height of 1/2" for the EMP-1-1/2 series and 3/4" for the EMP-2 series.
mhe material handling magnets MHE Material Handling Magnets
"MHE" Material Handling Electromagnets can be used to handle medium gauge sheet metal and plate.