Loop Type Demagnetizers

Continuous Operation and Needs No Maintenance.

Specifically designed for use in the tool room or production shop. Demagnetizes milling cutters, drills and small parts. To demagnetize parts, pass the part completely through the opening and out of the magnetic field. For production parts, use a non-magnetic chute and slide the parts through the opening.

All "LTC" series demagnetizers are designed for continuous operation and need no maintenance. To check the magnetism of parts, use Magnetool #FL-1 Field Indicator or #GM-1 Gaussmeter.

Consult the factory for special applications.

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Loop Type Demagnetizers
Model A B C D E F G Volts Amps Weight
LTC-200 2-7/8 8-1/4 4-1/2 6-1/2 C/L 7-1/2 (2) 13/32 120 1.8 18 lbs.
LTC-400 4 10 4-7/8 8-1/4 C/L 9 (2) 13/32 120 2.0 25 lbs.
LTC-600 6 12-1/8 4-7/8 10 3-3/8 11-1/8 (4) 9/32 120 4.6 33 lbs.
LTC-800 8 16-1/8 5-7/8 14 4-3/8 15-1/8 (4) 9/32 220 8.7 95 lbs.

The #FL-1 Field indicator is an inexpensive instrument used to indicate the presence of magnetism. Slide the indicator on the surface of the part to determine the presence of magnetism.

Large Loop Type Demagnetizers

Continuous and Intermittent Duty, Single Phase

Work pieces must pass completely through the opening. Small work pieces should be passed through the area of strongest magnetic filed. (This may be determined by the attraction of the work piece to these areas). When assemblies are to be demagnetized it may be advisable to dismantle the assembly and demagnetize each part separately.

Excessive heat will be induced into magnetic steel if it is allowed to remain in the demagnetizer. Conveyors whose side rails or bed are made of magnetic steel must be split and rejoined with non-magnetic materials such as stainless stee, aluminum, brass, etc. An alternative is to have only the belt pass through the demagnetizer. Another method is to place a Surface Type Demagnetizer under the belt and if necessary, another unit suspended over the belt so the work passes between the two Demagnetizers. These Demagnetizers should be placed on a non-metallic surface to reduce the heating caused by induction. Special stands are available.

A fused disconnect switch should be inserted in the AC supply line for protection. Special demagnetizer controls can be furnished with a NEMA 12 enclosure, push buttons, pilot lamp, ammeter, voltmeter, foot pedal and automatic timeres.

Caution: Demagnetizers should not be used near sensitive electronic equipment. Contact the factory for more details.

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Large Loop Type Demagnetizers
Models Size Opening Overall Dimensions Voltage Single Phase Net Weight
Continuous 100% Duty Intermittent 25% Duty H x W W H D 230 VAC 460 VAC lbs
LTC-36 LT-36 3" x 6" 14-1/2" 11" 8" 8 amps 4 amps 80 lbs
LTC-612 LT-612 6" x 12" 24" 17" 9-1/2" 28 amps 14 amps 125 lbs.
LTC-918 LT-918 9" x 18" 28" 19" 9-1/2" 36 amps 18 amps 212 lbs.
LTC-1224 LT-1224 12" x 24" 36" 25" 12" 60 amps 30 amps 350 lbs.
LTC-1836 LT-1836 18" x 36" 54" 34" 19" 160 amps 80 amps 950 lbs.